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Talks 2020


Speak Up and Speak Out (Even When Social Distancing)

Conversations on “Public” Speaking

This series has ended, but you can watch the full panels below!

Moderated by Maria Consuelo Gonima, Founder,



Building Confidence for Public Speaking Online and Offline

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According to numerous sources, most people suffer from glossophobia, a.k.a fear of public speaking. Whether you’re about to give that big presentation on Zoom or interview for a job, or just want to be ready when the next IRL conference is scheduled, this panel is for you. Experienced public speakers will discuss their strategies for building confidence and overcoming speaking anxiety.

  • Na’ilah AmaruAdvocacy and Policy Strategist, Speaker, and Veteran
  • Tameka Kee – Founder, The Influx Lab and Host of the Future Ethics Podcast
MAY 2020

Networking Strategies: Digital and IRL

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Promoting yourself or your business, finding work, and making new contacts can be tough under normal circumstances, and it’s even more challenging while we’re all stuck at home.  Pro-networkers share their strategies for staying relevant and connected, and give tips for how to get yourself back out there once this is all over.


Storytelling 101: Crafting Your Message

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Anytime is a good time to think about the story you want to share. Whether you want to get the word out about your professional experience, your company, your hobbies, or your ideas, how you tell the story matters. Pros from different fields discuss how storytelling strategies can help advance your goals.

  • Jocelyn Johnson – Startup Founder and Advisor, Comms Strategist
  • Francisco Gonima – Executive Coach and Facilitato

Reaching the Right Audience: Digital Strategies

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Once you decide what you’re saying, the next step is to figure out where and how to say it! Public speaking is great if you have the opportunity, but what to do in the meantime?  From promoting an issue or political campaign to building your personal brand, this conversation will focus on how to use digital tools to be your own PR consultant.

  • Chris Blackwell  – SVP of Creative Content & Development, Republic Records
  • Trip Yang– New York and Massachusetts Political Director, Bernie 2020